Sometimes people just seem to disappear out of your life. A few months or even years they’re present, the next day they belong to your past. They belong to that part of your life you shouldn’t cast your eye on. Yet you do look back. Even though you know you shouldn’t. You wonder where they are, what they’re doing and whether they have learnt as much from you as you have from them.


For instance the extreme jealous behaviour from a few of your – has been - closest friends taught that you yourself are cursed with that green trait of character. The fact that those friendships dispersed – mainly because you ended them – shows you acknowledge that flaw and want to learn how to deal with it. How to soften it.


Who else has worked his or her way out of my present-day sight? Friends who I know I can count on if necessary but who have build up a total life of their own. I haven’t seen them for quite some months. Yes, even years. And in fact, I truly do miss them. I feel it’s always me who has to rekindle the bonds. Why is that? Because I’m a true loner perhaps? Nature has its way to push you onto the path it has foreseen.


Maybe loner isn’t the right word. I should see it more positive. Independent… could that be it? Am I so independent in character that I don’t need anyone to console me or even just to say ‘hi’ out of the blue. Perhaps. But I’m not convinced. I have the same quantity of thick red substance running through my veins as the average amount of people. I as well need to have it revived now and then.


Is it because I don’t impress them? Is it because they have this vision of me as not being socially challenged? Is it because they think I don’t need them? Well let’s set the record straight.


I do need you. All of you. I need you when everything is going right and on all of those days I get my wires crossed. I need you to do everyday things with, like buying books or strolling in Ghent, and I need you to do extraordinary stuff with. And I kind of need you in a hurry.


Before I vanish.

In oblivion.

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recognition Sweet Neco,

You are no loner. You are simply subject to the lonely and gruesome society you are part of. These days many people live on small selfish islands which they are protecting with huge near impenetrable walls.
They have lost the ability to make even the smallest effort to stay in touch with people, even if they love them dearly.

If they are approached in a friendly way, they see it as an attack on their being, yes, even on their very existence.
Friendship has become very scarce and thus extremely expensive. If you have a good friend who values your presence, then try to keep it alive at all cost.

Finding new friends become harder and harder the older you get. Treasure, cherish and adore the ones you have. Once gone, they will almost certainly never come back...

Gepost door: Herman | 06-10-05

the lonesome wanderer nem ik mezelf altijd lol
ik snap volkome wat je bedoelt...
independent nja mss hoewle dat iet s te eng is dat woord en niet helemaal dekt wat ik ben, mss wle wat jij bent...
loner is ruimer en niet echt negatief, dat komt alleen zo over :p
e ik vind me wel in de mening van herman

Gepost door: lord cms | 07-10-05

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